About Us

Founded in 1992, Ivor M. Davis now specialise in procurement, re-tooling and re-manufacture of what can be "hard to find" parts for Classic Cars, amongst other things.

My affinity to Classic Cars started back in my College days when I purchased an original wooden chassis Marcos sports car - I soon had the "bug" and rebuilt my car into a well known and well documented award winning concourse de elegance car = NFJ 959G.

After a few boring jobs in the electronics industry, I was unexpectedly made redundant but I was soon offered employment by a company manufacturing stainless steel exhausts - predominantly for modern cars.

Within 18 months I left that company together with a work colleague and co-founded what was to become probably the best known and best respected stainless steel ehaust manufacturing company for Classic Cars in the 1980's - I was the Sales Director.

In 1992 I decided to sell my interest in that Company and form what is now Ivor M. Davis - we are a major TRADE ONLY supplier to the Classic Car marque specialists with a global footprint and an impressive list of specialist customers worldwide.

Due to my "history" in exhaust manufacturing, we can also supply quality stainless steel exhausts for both Classic and Modern cars - see the "other services" section on this website.

For the Modern exhaust market we can supply well known branded products or products designed and branded to customers' own specification for the aftermarket and/or OEM markets.

We also offer a "tube manipulation" service - see the "other services" section on this website.

We also offer an extensive range of body styling kits to compliment many of the modern exhausts that we supply - see the "other services" section on this website.

All "non Classic Car" products supplied are manufactured by Companies accredited with the stringent ISO9000 and/or ISO9001 quality systems.